Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK, also called WaveFront LASIK, uses a 3-D map of your eye created through a WaveFront analysis. The Wavefront-guided system is able to map the eye in much more detail than traditional LASIK.

The Kentucky Eye Institute's LASIK surgeons use Wavefront technology to diagnose the eye's microscopic irregularities so that they can be corrected during your LASIK surgery. Because of this, reshaping the cornea to improve vision is more precise. Custom LASIK is tailored to each individual whether they are myopic or astigmatic.

Traditional vs. Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK LexingtonWhen LASIK is done after a WaveFront evaluation, it is called custom LASIK, as opposed to traditional LASIK.  A phoropter is the device with many lenses and as you sit looking with one eye at the vision chart, your doctor switches lenses, asking you which one gives you clearer images.

Diagnosis for Traditional LASIK detects only the three Lower Order Aberrations: myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Since treatment is based only on that data, it corrects only those three conditions, and does not correct the Higher Order Aberrations. Examples of Higher Order Aberrations are halos around light sources, starbursts around light sources or ghosting. Custom LASIK corrects both Low and High Order Aberrations.

WaveFront evaluation is quick and painless. The term WaveFront refers to the front edge of a beam of light as it passes into your eye from the Wavefront diagnostic system. The system creates two 3-D maps of your eyes which shows your ophthalmologist exactly what has happened to the diagnostic light beam as it entered and exited your eye. From that, your ophthalmologist can tell exactly what irregularities in your eye are interfering with your vision and he/she can then plan your LASIK vision correction.

Every eye is different, and the Wavefront evaluation is customized to your eyes. That is why it is called custom LASIK.  Your LASIK procedure is customized for your eyes.

By correcting your eyes’ Higher Order Aberrations as well as the Lower Order Aberrations, Custom LASIK gives you both better vision quantity (clear at more distances) and better vision quality (good night vision).

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